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Invent an Alien Project - Mrs. Steed and Mrs. Kern - 8th Grade Science Project   Tags: alien, astrobiology, dwarf planets, earth, exobiology, jupiter, mars, mercury, neptune, planets, pluto, saturn, solar system, space biology, universe, uranus, venus  

Investigate how the various characteristics of a celestial body might affect a creature living there.
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Invent an Alien Project Assignment/Directions


This project has a TOTAL OF 6 GRADES.

PART 1 – BLUEPRINT (minor)


  • Your goal is to construct a model of a creature that could live in the world that has been randomly selected for you. ________________

  • Your creature will be three dimensional and made from any materials you can find around the house. (no glass or food products)

  • After you have conducted research about your world, you will draw the design/blueprint (minor grade) of your alien on graph paper 1st , for teacher approval,

DUE:_________,  showing the parts and their functions - then begin constructing your alien.

PART 2 – DATA CHART (minor)

In researching your planet/moon, you will make a data chart showing the facts of your “world.”    Data that should be included in your chart:  Period of Rotation, Period of Revolution, Distance from Sun, Atmosphere, Climate & Temperature Ranges, Surface Features, Size, and 5 other facts that will help you in your alien construction.  

  • Complete the Data Chart for your world.  The chart can be found below.  This is due when the blueprint is turned in. _____________  

Invent an Alien Data Chart

Alien World ______________________ Inventor____________________


Location & Distance from Sun (AU)


Gravitational Pull compared to Earth

Period of Rotation

Period of Revolution

Composition of


Tilt of Axis

Climate, Weather, &

Temperature Range

Surface Features

Moons (or if it is a moon, which planet does it orbit?)


Mass of world

Discovery Date & Who discovered

Additional Data


  • You will also write a description of your creature in Google docs, stating why it has the characteristics you selected based on your “world.”   Explain the “parts” and their functions that you have given your alien.  Each part of your alien that you are describing should have at least 1 paragraph of explanation.  Also, what would the alien’s weight be on your world and what its weight would be on Earth?  Explain why the alien’s weight differs. How would your alien adapt to a new environment?  

This is due when you turn in your alien and must be typed.

  • Some (but not all) of the requirements for surviving include:

A means of getting food

A way to move

A way to breathe

A way to reproduce (be careful!)

A means to maintain proper body temperature

A means of sensing the environment & making necessary adjustments

A way to control the gravitational pull of your planet

A way to camouflage itself in case of danger

  • Your alien, written description, ad slides are DUE            .  (MAJOR GRADE)  You will share your alien and slides with the class.


Google slides to present when you share your alien with the class. Your slides should include the following:

  • At least 5 slides.

  • A picture of your alien.

  • A description of at least 5 of your alien’s characteristics (do not copy the paragraphs from your written description).

You will use your slides to present your alien to the class, so make sure that it is detailed enough for you to be able to present your alien accurately but not too detailed that it is boring. You should not copy your paragraphs from your written description or stand up and read your written description. Make your presentation interesting for the class.

PART 5 – REALTOR TO THE STARS (major)    DUE ____________

  • Next, you are going to become realtors to the stars – well one star, anyway, our own sun as well as the other choice pieces of real estate in the solar system.  It is your job to find out about your exciting “world” and write up a convincing ad to describe your “world” to potential buyers.  Using the information you compiled in your list of characteristics and additional research, the following information should be worked into each ad:

  1. The object’s place in the solar system (i.e., how far from the sun and earth)

  2. What conditions might be like on the surface (temperature, seasons and weather, atmosphere, land, no land, length of day, etc.)

  3. Special features or other interesting facts, such as what you might weigh on the surface of the planet, moon, or other object.

  4. Other species coming to visit your world may need to take special precautions.  What do visitors need to do to enjoy their time at your place in space?

  5. An image of the “property”

Be creative, neat, colorful.  Look up real estate ads in your local newspaper to get ideas about how to write your own ad.  The ad should be computer generated on one piece of paper.  An example of a real estate ad is shown later in these instructions.

REAL ESTATE AD EXAMPLE (Your ad should take up a full page.)


Brazil, South America


BRL $5,500,000


for sale


105 acres


Bahia de Todos os Santos, 36 km (22 miles) from Salvador, Brasil

Ilha do Cal, Brazil           This stunning large island is one of the gems of All Saint’s Bay, a fast-growing region for international tourism and one of Brazil’s hottest vacation destinations. This is a perfect opportunity for a seasonal residence, as a European-style home has been built on the island. Also ideal as an investment property, the spacious 105 acres could be developed into luxurious homes or a stylish new marina resort. The topography of the island includes small hills, up to 28ft above sea level, and there is a full kilometer of soft sandy beaches and a 492 ft stone wall.  Electrical hook-ups and water are available within a kilometer, and a well has already been dug on the island. The island has beautiful mangrove forests and even a pond, and there is 254,000 square miles of usable land for development. Truly a unique opportunity, this island has limitless potential.


DISCUSSION QUESTIONS (to be completed in a Google Doc)   DUE _________________  

Copy the underlined questions and answer in complete sentences.

1)  If scientists ever determine for certain that intelligent life exists on other planets, it will probably have a tremendous effect on society.  How would we be changed by such an earth-shattering discovery?  What developments might we expect to see in the areas of religion, culture, and politics in particular?

2)  In the late 1960’s, NASA constructed an expensive facility called the Lunar Receiving Lab (LRL) to quarantine and process samples brought by astronauts returning from the moon.  While some scientists and members of Congress did not agree that the lab was necessary, others felt they needed to be exceedingly cautious to avoid contaminating Earth’s biosphere with “moon microbes.”  The LRL was a sprawling complex that housed sterile vacuum chambers, an underground radiation bunker, and animals and plants to be exposed to the samples.  Astronauts returning from the moon were required to remain in quarantine there for three weeks.  Based on what you know about conditions on the moon, do you think the LRL’s strict quarantine was a necessary precaution?  Defend your answer.

Each of these questions will be worth 50 points each.  Minimum of 4 paragraphs each required.

Design/Blueprint of Creature                                                   



5 points

3 points

1 point


Picture is a clear representation of the whole creature you are planning on building.  It is easy to tell what the parts are going to be made out of.

Your picture is complete but leaves a few questions

Your picture is a rough sketch.  It is not clear what each part is going to be made out of.


Parts Labeled

All major parts are labeled with what they will be made out of and their functions.

Some parts are labeled.

You forgot to label the parts of your creature.



Your blueprint is very neatly done.

Your blueprint is slightly neat.

Your blueprint looks like you have rushed through it



You have clearly put thought into what you will be building your creature out of.  

A little thought has been put into your blue print. You are on the right track but might need some more work.

You have not put a lot of thought into your creature or what you will be creating it out of.



ALIEN – Design and build an alien from assigned world based on criteria.

POOR – 2 pts

FAIR – 3 pts


Knowledge of World:
Design of alien shows that research has been done about world

Where did this creature come from?

Not all characteristics apply to world

Shows characteristics that are unique to creature from world

Requirements for Survival:
Food, movement, respiration, reproduction, senses, adaptations, etc.

How does this creature survive on its world?

Some requirements for survival are represented.

All necessary requirements for survival are accounted for in alien model.

Use of Material:
Common household materials (no glass) used to build alien

No logical use of material

Good use of material

Ingenious and creative use of material

Rotation, Revolution, Distance from Sun, Size, Atmosphere, Climate, Surface, misc. facts

Data not organized and/or fewer than 10 data entries

10 to 14 entries on data chart.

15 or more entries on neatly done data chart.

Explanation as to why  alien has given characteristics

Poor description, typed or not, with little depth or thought about alien's characteristics

Description not typed and is missing some characteristics

Extensive typed description with a paragraph for each characteristic


Total score: ______/20   APPROVED FOR BUILDING____     MAY NEED TO BE RETHOUGHT_____


You are to try to sell your world by publishing a real estate advertisement.

GOOD – 15 pts

FAIR – 10 pts

POOR – 5 pts


Content is good and shows knowledge of world in interesting manner.

Content is Fair. Advertisement lacks interest.

Content is poor. Who would want to buy this?


The write up of the property shows that the student had an excellent understanding of the unit.

The write up of the property that was for sale shows that the student had a general understanding of the unit.

The write up of the property that was for sale showed very minimal understanding for the unit.


Organization of the advertisement is excellent.

Organization of the advertisement is well done.

Organization of the advertisement is incomplete.


The advertisement contains the required picture. There were multiple colors used.  Overall attractiveness is excellent.

The advertisement contained the required picture. A few colors were  used.  Could be neater

The advertisement is missing the picture.

Who would buy something they cannot see?



Rules of grammar, usage and punctuation are followed.

Paper contains a few grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors.

Paper contains numerous grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors.


Google Slides Rubric

Good-5 pts

Fair-3 pts

Poor-1 pt


Picture accurately represents your alien

Picture but does not accurately represent your alien

No picture


5 characteristics described and are detailed

Only 2-4 descriptions of characteristics or they are not detailed descriptions

No descriptions of characteristics

Number of Slides

5 or more slides

3-4 slides

1-2 slides



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