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Here are resources from our library that you may find useful for Ms. Bradley's and Ms. McDougal's assignment on point of view.
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The Great Christopher Columbus Debate: Hero or Villain?

The Great Christopher Columbus Debate: Hero or Villain?

There are many perspectives on who Christopher Columbus was and his contributions to history. It is up to you and your group to decide how we should remember him. Is he a hero or villain? You decide! 

 Step 1: Research

1. As a group, conduct research to answer the question of “Hero or Villain?” drawing from 3 different sources (Standard I 1.1; W 1.1b)

2. Gather relevant information from multiple print and digital sources, using search terms effectively; assess credibility and accuracy of each source; and paraphrase the data and conclusions of others while avoiding plagiarism and following a standard format for citation (Standard I 3.3; W1.1b,c,g)

 Step 2: Make a Decision

1. As a group, gather your evidence and engage in a collaborative discussion to decide whether the research shows Columbus as a hero or villain (Standard C 1.4).

2. Once your group decision has been made, cite several pieces of textual evidence to support your analysis and claim (Standard RI 5.1)

 Step 3: Analyze a Picture Book

1. Your group will choose a picture book of Christopher Columbus to analyze and using your research, you will determine the author’s point of view and distinguish how that position is different from your group. In other words, does the author portray Columbus accurately based on your research? (RI 10.1)

2. In analyzing your picture book, you must examine how the author shapes his or her presentation of Columbus in the way that the author emphasizes different evidence or advances different interpretations of facts as compared to your research (Standard RI 11.2)

 Step 4: Present Your Findings

1. As a group you will present your claim and findings in a focused, coherent manner with pertinent descriptions, facts, details, and examples. You must have appropriate eye contact, adequate volume, and clear pronunciation (Standard C 1.3)

2. To aid with your presentation you will used Board Builder to create a visual display to clarify your claim and findings (Standard C 3.2).  The presentation will include the following sections:

  • Your group’s claim and point of view of Christopher Columbus supported with  clear reasons and relevant evidence (Standard W 1.1a)
  • The summary of the picture book (Standard RI 6.1)
  • The analysis of the picture book’s portrayal and point of view of Christopher Columbus supported with evidence (Standard RI 10.1; 11.2)
  • An explanation of your process for reading the material and making the group decision (Standard I 5.1-3)
  • A list of resources used for the project (Standard W 1.1g)
  • Pictures and illustrations (Standard C3.2)

 Project is due Friday, Dec. 2nd! Counts as a major grade!





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