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Candace Craig Walton Teacher Librarian
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Ralph Chandler Middle School Media Center
4231 Fork Shoals Road
Simpsonville, SC


A Christmas Carol Presentation
by Candace Walton - Last Updated May 3, 2017
Project based assessment connecting a Victorian period topic to Dickens's A Christmas Carol (c1843).
Tags: bah humbug, charles dickens, christmas, scrooge, tiny tim, victorian era
Ancient Egypt Brochure Project - Penninger/Stills
by Candace Walton - Last Updated Oct 6, 2017
Research assignment concluding with the creation of a travel brochure for Ancient Egypt.
Career Unit Research Project - Ms. LaGro, Ms. Ritchie
by Candace Walton - Last Updated Sep 19, 2017
The theme of this unit is approaching adulthood. What do I want to do when I grow up, and how can I make it a reality?
Chromebook Handbook (Personalized Learning Initiative) 2017-2018
by Candace Walton - Last Updated Sep 22, 2017
A handbook to assist students and parents in our rollout of 1:1 Chromebook implementation. Portions were adapted, with permission, from Mauldin High School.
Invent an Alien Project - Mrs. Steed and Mrs. Kern - 8th Grade Science Project
by Candace Walton - Last Updated Apr 22, 2015
Investigate how the various characteristics of a celestial body might affect a creature living there.
Tags: alien, astrobiology, dwarf planets, earth, exobiology, jupiter, mars, mercury, neptune, planets, pluto, saturn, solar system, space biology, universe, uranus, venus
Makerspace at RCMS
by Candace Walton - Last Updated Oct 12, 2017
The RCMS STEAM focus connects hands-on projects to 21st century skills. Classes and projects give students the opportunity to research, collaborate, design and innovate - working with a team. Our Makerspace in the library underscores those efforts.
Tags: creation station, fablab, hackerspace, idea lab, makerspace, steam, stem, tinkering
Ralph Chandler MS Summer Reading 2016
by Candace Walton - Last Updated Sep 13, 2017
Ideas for summer reading...Get in the game, read!
The Watsons Go to Birmingham - Bradley/McDougal
by Candace Walton - Last Updated May 3, 2017
Mini research project on the Civil Rights Movement using the novel, The Watsons Go to Birmingham, by Christopher Paul Curtis.
by Candace Walton - Last Updated May 3, 2017
Data driven research on roller coasters.
Vietnam: Background for Cracker! The Best Dog in Vietnam.
by Candace Walton - Last Updated May 3, 2017
Story of Cracker, a dog in a military canine unit to help soldiers sniff out booby traps in Vietnam and her handler, Rick.
Volcanoes/Earthquakes - Ms. Giblin and Ms. Steed - 8th Grade Science
by Candace Walton - Last Updated Aug 27, 2017
Define the problems that may be caused by a catastrophic event resulting from plate movements and design possible devices or solutions to minimize the effects of that event on Earth’s surface and/or human structures.
Wonders of the World Project - Ms. Penninger, Ms. Allen
by Candace Walton - Last Updated May 23, 2016
Ancient and Medieval Wonders of the World. Research project and poster.
Zombies -- Legend and Lore
by Candace Walton - Last Updated Mar 14, 2014
you have to wonder whether our 21st-century fascination with these hungry hordes has something to do with a general anxiety, particularly in the West, about the planet’s dwindling resources: a sense that there are too many people out there, with too man

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